How does Flat Head Syndrome Become Permanent?

Recent reports have come to light stating that 47% of babies are now being diagnosed with Flat Head Syndrome.

As babies are less able to move around in their sleep, they can end up sleeping in the same position all night, every night. Flat head in babies often comes about as a result of their resting in the same position for long periods of time, eventually making an impression on the skull.

Baby Flat Head Syndrome is treatable in the first year of a newborn’s life as the skull is still soft and malleable. By around the end of the first year, the skull is fully hardened and treatment becomes ineffective.

If the condition is not treated it can lead to cosmetic issues, long-term vision problems and possible developmental issues, especially if the flat spot is near the front of the head. That’s why it is very important to act as soon as you notice the problem.

Flat Head Syndrome Treatment

The onset of Flat Head Syndrome will become obvious at around two months of age, so start looking out for it around this time. During the early stages, treatment for Flat Head Syndrome can be as simple as making sure that the baby gets time on its tummy during the day to relieve the pressure on the back of the skull. [read more]

Tips: You could also try placing them in different positions during the night. Change the positioning of their toys frequently in order to encourage them to focus on a different area when looking at their surroundings. If you think the problem is also related to muscular issues, you should consult a physiotherapist.

If repositioning techniques have failed to make a difference by four to seven months of age, your child has a severe case of Flat Head Syndrome. In this scenario, you should seek Flat Head Syndrome treatment by means of a helmet or band as soon as possible. Your baby will be measured especially for their custom-made helmet, which they must wear until the deformity has been corrected. Helmet treatment is gentle, comfortable and highly successful in the long term.

website has many articles and a team with years of experience providing helmet treatment for flat head in babies. To find out more, visit their website or clinics to speak a consultant about particular cases or conditions.

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